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​What Can CGIT Ship on a Flatbed Trailer?

A wide array of material capable of being firmly secured using chains or straps or a combination of them can be shipped on a flatbed trailer.

Most flatbed trailers are commonly 48’ and 53’ long provide adequate cargo space for full truckload shipments ranging between 43,000-48,000 pounds.   Legally (without permitting), flatbed trailers can have a total loaded height and width of 8 feet, 6 inches. For anything outside this a permits must be arranged at a state-by state-level.

List of Common Flatbed Commodities

Auto parts
Building envelopes/house wrap
Cinder Blocks
Crane parts
Fabricated Steel

Metal Products
HVAC systems
Machine parts
Marble, Granite,Limestone 

Metal joists, frames, trusses, piping

Plastics (tubing, PVC pipes, etc.)

Roofing tiles/shingles
Shipping containers
Small bulldozers
Small cranes
Small excavators
Small generators
Small tractors
Structural steel
Wire ropes and cables
Wood studs, joists, rafters